Monday, January 26, 2009

Ten things I will do in my 24th year.

There are 2 things here - I will turn 24 in a few days and so I thought I will come up with 10 things I want to do this year. There might be things here which seem too personal to appear in a blog, but I want to take accepting myself to the next level - accepting and being comfortable about it. So, I will shed the mask while I write on my blog and will talk about myself and my realities more openly.


  1. Read a lot more  - The last 6 months of 2008 were quite bad in terms of reading. I did not read as many books as I had aimed to or usually did in the same span of time earlier. I read a lot even now, but I read a lot of stuff online - blogs, articles etc. I value learning in all forms and am not discriminating hard copies to soft copies but I am still an ardent fan of physical books. I want to get back to that.


  1. Apportion my time wisely between online and offline activities - I am somehow becoming a wire-addict in an unhealthy way - facebooking and reading random blogs. I need to stay online for Point no. 10 but I need to apportion time well so that my point no. 5 and no. 8 do not get a beating. This will mean a lot of time management. Scared already!


  1. I will not get hooked to people in a frenzy. I have accepted that I get attached very easily and illogically. Letting go does not come easy to me and so this year I won't let such a situation arise where I have to let go painfully.  No trial and error this time on. For me, the 'Sex and the city' life is best appreciated on TV and is not to be practiced. I SUCK at being so carefree.


  1. I will crave lesser to be at a different place - When I was home, I wanted to be in Pune, when I was in Pune, I wanted to be in Hyd, when I was in Hyd, I wanted to be home and now that I am home, I want to be in Pune or Hyd! It is so weird - I ALWAYS want to be somewhere else! Yes, I am quite a nomad but this is just too much fluctuation. When I had a social circle I wanted to run away from civilization and now that I don't have any, I want to party every night! I will now be happy and content to be where I am and will tell this to myself more often.


  1. MBA - I will honestly prepare for the GMAT. Not half heartedly and not for the world. But whole heartedly and for myself. It might take 6 months instead of 3, but it will happen this time.


  1. Open a Recurring Deposit account - Even if it is for 2k bucks - I'll open one.


  1. I badly want to get skinny! Yeah, I have never been reed thin and I so wanna see how I look if I lose my cheeks and have a chiseled face! It is a very far fetched thing to want, considering I stay with family these days and they won't let me starve.  I don't think only exercise can do that. Can it? Also, my physique is such that skinny is probably only imagination!


  1. Get better at running/jogging - I was never too bad with running on the treadmill or even on the footpath for that matter. But I was never too great either and I somehow always wanted to ace this one thing. I think I am gonna run more often this year and see that I run more number of minutes at a row than what I do right now.


  1. Talk less - My need to talk and tell stuff is just so much. I need to keep telling my loved ones what's going on. I am also painfully elaborate. I am sure people lose track midway through my posts. I am gonna try talking lesser about stuff sporadically and will try to put my point across in as few words as possible.

Trust me, I have NO clue how I will ever do this!


  1. Polish a few subjects - Geo-Politics and World Economy to start with. (Then move on to other stuff.) I hate being lost when I watch BBC or when I read certain authors. 


  1. ... i don't like the talking less and skinny consolutions :(

  2. nice set of points...even i am trying to read a lot of things

  3. Jinu we're human, we always want to be somewhere else. grass is always greener on the otherside. you're not a nomad. I totally understand what u're saying. You just have to say to yourself, I'm going to make the most of what I have!

  4. all the best with ur goals! here's a fantastic way to keep track of them and get tips from others:


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