Thursday, February 5, 2009

In an hour and half, will be the same ol' routine. I will fake being asleep. They'll come to my room with a cake and a candle. I will pretend looking sleepy and excited at the same time. Then, I'll pose for the camera and get sick photographs clicked. 

I will get a few calls - sister, a friend or 2 - some expected and some not. I will also NOT get a few very expected calls. I will then go to sleep wishing if only I din't have to wake up early to go to the temple, I could have done a late night movie. Sigh!

Nothing changes on this day - except that the entire routine changes, phone buzzes a little more than it otherwise does and people force you to believe that you are little more grown up - whether you like it or not - and so you gotta fix your life. (Though none of them have done it yet for themselves!)

And to make it worse, first time in 6 years, there is no alcohol on this day. 

Sigh...yet another birthday. 


  1. I can't believe how our writing styles and preferences are so similar...I find that for practically every post you write, I have something similar of my own to show.
    Birthdays have been the most monotonous incidents in my life and I wrote about every one of them since I started blogging.
    Especially the thing about the difference in the birthday being the extra buzzing of the phone so very reminds me of my own birthdays. But be happy that you got people sticking cakes on ur face now...coz it is not likely to last forever.

    Happy Birthday anyway!
    PS: No alcohol???!!!??Too bad!

  2. A belated happy Birthday to an Aquarius.
    I hope the birthday turned out to be good!

  3. Thanks IHM :) It was a good birthday - nothing great happened, but nothing bad happened either, so i rejoice! :)


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