Friday, March 27, 2009

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Hell it's been just too long since I wrote anything here! This blog is supposed to be my learning blo(g)ck. I'll keep it simple. There have been a lot of things I learnt in the last month and half, that is since the time I turned 24. There's stuff. About parents, work, friends and of course myself. Pointers should be fine?


  1. 1. Perseverance is the ONLY key to a lasting relationship. There will be times when you have to not only let go of your ego, but also your self-respect. You have to stop standing up for yourself and in fact may be stoop low. OK this low here is subjective. Experience (other people's) tells me when you are really in love, that 'stooping low' does not feel like you are actually stooping low. And when your friends are telling you that you've been a complete loser whereas you do not think so, then you know you are in love. The real love.


Ok, I am saying all this as if I learnt it myself! Haha! But I know what it takes. Thanks to all my friends now settling down steady.


  1. 2. The thanking of friends brings me to point 2. Every one goes. No one stays. And that's to be accepted both soon enough and with sufficient grace to not look and feel like a loner loser. Friends are there for you, no doubt - but only for special occasions - happy and sad. Forget calling up your friends randomly at 2 and saying let's go the railway station and have chai. No one appreciates it.


  1. 3. Parents grow old - again, accept it. Sooner the better. And also make sure you never let them realize they are growing old. Do not over protect. Let them be by themselves as if they are still 38. But keep a bloody close watch. They need love and need to know their kids won't 'move on.' They are indeed old when you are 24 with an older sibling.


  1. 4. If you and your childhood sweetheart still adore each other, then bloody hell go ahead and be together. Don't wait to find the right someone and don't keep this sweetheart as a back up option. You know why? One of you will never take any relationship/affair seriously thinking there is that ultimate backup. Only to realize the ultimate backup does not need you. And you will regret missing the train.


  1. 5. Don't over counsel your friends. You don't know what will they conclude. Don't worry they don’t hate you if you do. Nothing changes. But still, don't over counsel. You might end up looking like an idiot.


  1. 6. Procrastination is the easiest thing in the world. It is sad that something I never knew before, is all I know now - and that's procrastination. Oh btw, you should go on a vacation at the slightest chance you get. You never know when life will cripple you into permanency.


  1. 7. 'Business manager' is a word that I understand better than the word 'bed.' Courtesy my boss. You can be a business man by sheer ideas, BUT you can run a business only if you are a business manager. And yes, business management is a tact that can be polished and put into perspective in a B-school, but cannot be taught. You either have it or you don't. Period. But yes, if making graphs and drawing inferences is all your definition of running a business, then … then only God can help you. Or maybe your auditor.


  1. 8. There is a whole bunch of things about ethics, governance, leadership, ideation, implementation, analysis etc that I have learnt. But I am sure no one wants to read a management book here. So we'll chuck it.


In a nutshell, my friends have moved on damn rapidly (and I think I am stranded but as I said in pt. 2, I am maintaining my decorum) my parents are starting to grow old (and are in denial - which suits me, in a way) and I worked with a screwed up business manager. 

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  1. slow and staedy wins the race!!! :-)
    you look like know how to go ahead in life ..
    there is a differnce in knowing what to do and doing something else, ha?


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