Thursday, February 5, 2009

In an hour and half, will be the same ol' routine. I will fake being asleep. They'll come to my room with a cake and a candle. I will pretend looking sleepy and excited at the same time. Then, I'll pose for the camera and get sick photographs clicked. 

I will get a few calls - sister, a friend or 2 - some expected and some not. I will also NOT get a few very expected calls. I will then go to sleep wishing if only I din't have to wake up early to go to the temple, I could have done a late night movie. Sigh!

Nothing changes on this day - except that the entire routine changes, phone buzzes a little more than it otherwise does and people force you to believe that you are little more grown up - whether you like it or not - and so you gotta fix your life. (Though none of them have done it yet for themselves!)

And to make it worse, first time in 6 years, there is no alcohol on this day. 

Sigh...yet another birthday.