Monday, January 12, 2009

23 things about me

  1. I love all seasons. I have told myself in every season - THIS is my favorite season. But in reality I like every season equally. I love winters, summers, rains, winds, stillness, grey skies, blue skies - everything.
  2. In my bag you will ALWAYS find - Vaseline, iPod, comb (not hair-brush) and Hanuman Chalisa.
  3. I dig bad guys. Ruffled hair, unshaven and careless fashion have the maximum appeal in my mind. Bigger the pyscho-head, the better. Somehow I feel lot of love for people who do not find me great :P But the biggest turn on is an ambitious mind. Nothing beats a guy who wants to go out and get the damn thing he likes/wants.
  4. I always want to see endings and when I see something end, it upsets  me so much! Especially books and some of my relationships. (which start from nowhere and seem just too good to be true.)
  5. I cannot live without my friends. Literally.
  6. I smile a whole freaking lot. No matter how difficult times are, I do not fail to smile. I don't have to 'try.' I can't help it but smile most of the time. :) And I love myself for that.
  7. I get attached to people very  easily. So easily that I go through hell to see them go, even if it's been only ten days of knowing them. Basically I love everyone. I can't think of one person I hate. It's strange.
  8. I am super-balanced and super-eccentric both. That is what makes people hate me. A part of me wants to scrape paint off walls and live alone in Norway and a part of me wants to be a CEO and have a family in NYC. Most people cannot deal with it.
  9. I HATE when people sulk too much or for too long. I feel so restless when I see people who cannot control their head and heart. The thumb rule of my life has been to always be in charge of my thoughts and emotions - I get irritated when I see people who are not at least 50% as in charge of their life as I am of mine.
  10. I have lost some of my most important qualities - like organizing stuff and good execution of plans. I have become a procrastinator. I have lost focus. I aspire big but somehow I don't seem to be working to make those aspirations come true.
  11. I want to be *exactly* like my mom when (if) I become a mother.
  12. I need to talk a lot and I am damn elaborate. Actually I know my stuff so well when I talk, that I feel the need to bring that clarity on to the other person's thought. That way I end up giving long explanations!
  13. I underplay stuff - I cannot show off, I will ignore if someone embarrasses himself, and I compliment only when I whole-heartedly feel it. I am a barren sea for people fishing for compliments and I am bad at giving ego massages.
  14. I am very very straight forward - what's on my mind, is what's on my face. I cannot pretend. If I dislike something said or done, I will say it straight.
  15. I have never fallen in love or said 'I love you' to anybody (romantically, of course!) though I have been in relationships.
  16. (Assuming that love is the feeling which stops your thinking process and  you feel like you will die without him/her and that you want that person as a partner by hook or by crook. It makes you endure and persevere for that one person. If that is love, I have been far far away from it!

    But if love is knowing that you can spend the rest of your life with this person but you can also live without them and that you will tell them they are important but will not stoop low to get them - then yes, I have been in love quite a few times!)

  17.  I am a firm believer of -  "love yourself if you want to love others." I totally love myself and am so proud of what I am. I would not trade an inch of me to be something or someone else.
  18. I accommodate people and can go out of my way to see things from their perspective.  I do not ever raid other people's space for my comfort. I do not cascade blame and in fact make it a point to see and rectify my contribution in any situation of pain/disharmony. I am not scared of taking responsibility.
  19. I am damn scared of getting a head injury. That is why I am such a careful driver and I always wear a helmet while on a 2-wheeler. Somehow I fear losing my mental stability and stuff. Broken limbs and bruises, I think are cool. :)
  20. I am a good listener - I fully absorb myself in a conversation and mean it when I give suggestions and/or express myself. You will never ever have me listen 'casually.'
  21.  I know when things seem silly but in reality mean a lot to the other person. I am good at grasping moods, facial expressions and making people comfortable around me. I do not give jitters. :) And trust me, I know when people fake. I swear!
  22. Ok this one sucks - I am choosy about the people who can counsel me. That is the 'limited rights only' section of my life. You might be someone close and capable of counseling but I might ignore what you say because of my mental block. There are different counselors for different sections of my life. Some people are only vents and not counselors. Ok this is complicated, I know.
  23. Another weakness - I cannot remember fiction/stories. At all. I have read so many books and seen so many movies but surprisingly, I don't remember stories beyond a few days. But yes, I remember real-life stories quite well.
  24. I have never asked a very important question to so many people. I would have had so much peace of mind if I had that one question answered and I would have probably been a better person if I had that question answered, since I would have learnt from my experience. I probably never asked because I was too scared of the truth or maybe I was not ready for blatant lies.

    The question being - "Why?"


    Please note that this post is just my perception of me. Your perception of me might be much different from what is written here. If it is, then please post a comment. The idea is to bridge the gap between who I really am and what I think I am.




  1. quite a post...
    I guess I'll just sum up...
    agree with most of the first 8 myself, am intrigued by point 15 really.. but then again, saying ILU has gotten me into more trouble than I can imagine so what do I know !!!

    point no 23 - well, again, thats one Ive never had the courage to ask.. probably for the same reason. Even though I know the answer, hearing it out loud can be disastrous

  2. Lively... its like 10 things to stay up in ur life.. Beautiful thought Mis !


Love it or hate it - but say it! :)